Friday, May 27, 2016

IRender nXt 7.0 is Available Now - 30 Day Trial is FREE!

IRender nXt 7.0 has just become available for download.  Even if you're long past a 30-Day FREE trial of IRender nXt, everyone is invited to download and try IRender nXt 7.0 for 30-Days.  If you're in the middle of a 30-Day trial with the previous version, installing 7.0 will restart your 30-Day trial, giving you a great opportunity to thoroughly test this new version.

New Features in 7.0
IRender nXt 7.0 includes new features that are focused on enhancing realism, improving workflow, and making this rendering extension for SketchUp even easier to learn and use.

IES Light Profiles

Lighting solutions are enhanced with the support of IES Light Profiles.  While many IES profiles are available directly from fixture manufacturers, 30 profiles are included with IRender nXt 7.0.  Download a file from the website of a lighting manufacturer or select from the included profiles.

The 30 IES profiles included in IRender nXt 7.0 can be viewed here:  IES Examples

Material Styles
A new feature that is focused on improving workflow during design, Material Styles makes it easy to explore design options and present these options to clients with ease.  This is an easy to learn feature that will be appreciated by anyone who uses SketchUp as a design tool.

In the following image, 3 material styles have been stored and recalled to modify Lisanne's wardrobe.
Read a more complete description about Material Styles

Auto Reflections
Reflection is an important material setting for anyone striving for realism in the rendered image of their SketchUp model.  Using Auto Reflection, the reflection values for intensity, sharpness, index of refraction, and bump are preset, so reflection values for materials do not have to be individually set.  The interface to add and modify Auto Reflection for materials is easy to manage and preset values are easy to modify.

Learn more about Auto Reflection, just turn it on and render.

The IRender nXt interface has also been updated to improve the user experience.  The interface is even easier to understand and use and will appeal to both new and expert IRender nXt users.

To download and install a FREE 30-Day trial of IRender nXt 7.0:  30 Day FREE Trial

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